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Jim and Lore Hemsell are licensed Home Inspectors in Texas. Lore was the first woman Home Inspector in the nation and been performing home inspections for over 40 years. Jim has been a Home Inspector for 32 years.

Jim and Lore have been selling Home Inspection report forms and software in Texas since 1993. Their years of experience in the Home Inspection industry, knowledge of Texas laws / regulations and computer education helped them stay on the fore front of open source Home Inspection report formats. Open source formats are Home Inspection templates that are not locked by programming code that hinder the ability to quickly and easily make changes to the report text and format as your inspection service adapts to industry trends.

Texas has had a mandated Home Inspection report form for many years now and we have gained valuable experience in developing a simple and easy to use report format. Texas has over 300 Home Inspectors across the state and our Inspection Report forms have stood the test of time and experience to help produce a simple format that can help you in your Home Inspection business. The Report 2015 Home Inspection templates are the latest and best versions after years of experience.

Jim Hemsell served on the Texas Real Estate Inspector Committee under the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) from 1989 to 1995. He was the Committee Secretary as they wrote the Texas Standards of Practice. Jim was the North Texas TAREI Chapter President in 1996 and 1997. He has also been the Lone Star ASHI Chapter President for 7 years when the chapter was formation in 1999.  Jim served on the ASHI Legislative Committee for 5 years and Bylaws Committee for 2 years and served on the ASHI Board of Directors for 3 years. He has served on the ASHI Certification Committee for 4 years.

Jim has spent the 6 years serving on the Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors (EBPHI) that manages the National Home Inspectors Exam (NHIE). This Home Inspector test is used by 23 different states across the nation to regulate entrance into the Home Inspection industry. Jim has served in various positions as President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary of the EBPHI over the years. Now that his service with the EBPHI has ended, Jim and Lore are free to promote their software templates and educational classes across the nation. 

We look forward to answering your questions and helping you build a profitable home inspection business.


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