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Report 2016 Auto Macro Text

Report 2016 Auto Macro Text

The Report 2015 Auto Text Macro Codes are a series of letter/number combinations that are automatically replaced with some predefined text about a recommendation for repair or comment regarding a home inspection. The set of codes are developed over our 40 years of Home Inspection experience and used to describe common or typical conditions found in our Texas Home Inspection market. You get our entire list of codes for Preowned Home Inspections, New Construction Phased Home Inspections and EIFS inspections.

Microsoft Word limits this text to 255 characters so these are not long boiler plate statements about the extent of home inspection repairs needed. They are short concise and modifiable statements that describe the problem found on the Home Inspection, and in many cases, the location of the condition on the property. The software package includes a MS Word macro to automatically load the other macros into Word. After that all macro codes and statements regarding home inspection problems and defects are available anytime that you use a MS Word document. There are about 700 predefined statements included in this package. All text is easily editable. You may create or add as many macros as you want for your home inspection repair or monitor recommendations. The macro codes follow the numerical order of the Texas Home Inspection report format for easy reference and organization.

The Report 2015 Auto Text Macro Codes also include a short 1 page contract that we used in our daily Home Inspection business for almost 30 years before our business grew to the point on needing a much more complex contract. It should still work to meet your basic contractual needs for a startup Home Inspection business. The contract comes unlocked so you can modify it to your particular needs. Your final contract should always be reviewed by your attorney to make sure regional, state and local requirements are satisfied.

The templates are unlocked and fully editable by the license holder. Instructions to open, modify and lock the template are included. You will need a copy of Microsoft Word (version Word/Office 97 or later) on your computer to operate the templates. The software license is good for only 1 Personal Computer and 1 Laptop under your direct control. Additional licenses are available at discounted prices. Please give us a call at 940-891-3803.

Infrared  - A Closer Look In. also has developed the Report 2015 Macros as a bank of general repair and comment statements that have worked well for us over our 40 years of experience. These comments have been coded to the new TREC term “deficient” so when a short macro code is entered in the report, MS Word automatically changes that code into a predefined statement. You have unlimited capabilities creating new macrocode statements within MS Word that you can add to help make your reporting easier and quicker. The Report 2015 Macros have over 700 predefined statements that are organized in the same order as the TREC REI 7- 4 report form. You can change or add more codes as you become more educated and experience. This package also include a custom dictionary to add to MS Word that includes many construction terms that are not included in the current dictionary that you are using now. This is a great start for the inspector that has been in the business for less than a couple of years.