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Report 2016 Basic

Report 2016 Basic

This is a fully functioning Home Inspection Report form that is used to convey the condition of residential construction property. The Report 2016 Basic template is developed in the popular Texas format used by over 300 Home Inspectors. This template is fully compliant with Texas TREC REI 7- 5 report format. All Infrared - A Closer Look Inc. templates operate the same way and support the same functions and features such as importing digital pictures.

The templates are unlocked and fully editable by the license holder. Instructions to open, modify and lock the template are included. You will need a copy of Microsoft Word (version Word/Office 2010 or later) on your computer to operate the templates. The software license is good for only 1 Personal Computer and 1 Laptop under your direct control. Additional licenses are available at discounted prices. Please give us a call at 940-891-3803.

The Report 2016 Basic templates are just like the TREC REI 7- 5 with text fields in the required text areas of the report. This package include a standard 7 page empty report and a 6 page “mid” version that has the Optional section pared down to only include Sprinkler Systems and Swimming Pools. There is also a 6 page “short” version that does not have any Optional systems included in the report. Use the Report 2016 template that best fits the scope of the inspection services on that particular property.
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