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TREC REI 7-5 Home Inspection Software
Home Inspection Report Software

Home Inspection Report Software

TREC compliant Home Inspection report software can greatly improve the value that the Professional Home inspector provides each and every customer. The home inspection report software is also the first line of defense when a problem is discovered and someone questions the Home Inspector and their Texas home Inspection report. Home Inspection software can be a very powerful tool if used to its potential and very frustrating if problems exceed your limited computer skills. You want home inspection software that generates powerful home inspection forms.

TREC has adopted a new Report Form for Texas Home Inspectors effective September 1st, 205. The REI 7- 5 home inspection report form is available in 4 different variations to meet your home inspection reporting needs.

Infrard - A Closer Look Inc. has been performing home inspections in the Texas home inspection market for the last 33 years. Lore Hemsell has been a Home Inspector for over 40 years. Jim Hemsell served on the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) Inspectors Committee for 5 years and helped write the TREC Standards of Practice. They have been selling various Home Inspection report software, Texas home inspection reports and home inspection forms for the last 23 years to Texas home inspectors.  Infrared - A Closer Look Inc. is their business that now handles their Infrared Inpecions business and the home inspection software templates sales.

The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) has required specific formatting of our home inspection reports for years. This has created a market for inexpensive and easy to use home inspection reports that can work well in your market. These home inspection software reports are well tested and used by hundreds of home inspectors in Texas for years. This popular Texas home inspection report format can also be used in other states around the nation. Join the Texas Home Inspectors using a simple and dynamic Home Inspection Reporting Software System.

Infrared - A Closer Look Inc. has the new REI 7-5  Home Inspection software Report 2016 Templates that you can purchase from this website NOW!

 Many home inspection report software programs are powerful programs that contain thousands of lines of computer code to help produce the home inspection report. The work to generate and support this programming code is expensive and developer propriety, so the program is locked. That way no one can steal their code. Locking the home inspection software code makes it harder to change and manipulate the template to make adjustments that become necessary as operating systems and other software changes over time. Home inspection report software support is increasing supported by a per home inspection report charge that will tie you to the software company forever.  

The Infrared - A Closer Look Inc. Home Inspection software Report 2016 templates use a different concept and business model. We generate Microsoft Word templates and leave the home inspection software template unlocked so you, the Home Inspector, can make changes to the home inspection form as your market and conditions dictate. All Report 2016 home inspection report templates operate the exact same way and have the same capabilities to support text and picture formats. The only difference is the extent that we have gone in and customized the home inspection report to specific formats. You buy the template once and use it as long as you are in business.  

The Report 2016 Basic home inspection report templates are just like the TREC REI 7- 5 with text fields in the required text areas of the report. This package include a standard 7 page empty report and a 6 page “mid” version that has the Optional section paired down to only include Sprinkler Systems and Swimming Pools. There is also a 6 page “short” version that does not have any Optional systems included in the report. Use the Report 2016 template that best fits the scope of the inspection services on that particular property.

The Report 2016 Intermediate templates have drop down boxes with typical system components section of the report to give you a home inspection checklist. These required comment areas are specific things TREC wants included in the report, such as the type of foundation and roof as well as observation points and measurements such as insulation depth. The Report 2016 Intermediate templates also include short statements inserted into the comment areas of the report to describe in the most general description, what a TREC home inspector is inspecting when he or she looks at that particular system or component while performing their home inspection. The text in the Comment section is fully editable by the Inspector so you may easily change or expand the commentary as you deem fit. The Report 2016 Intermediate templates has a series of Compliance items inserted as check boxes in different sections of the report to help assure that the Inspector is proving the required or implied information in each report. This template package also includes a 1 page billing / contract page that our business used for many years. These templates come in a 13 page standard, 12 page mid and 11 page short versions similar to the Report 2016 Basic templates.

The Report 2016 Professional home inspection report templates were designed to provide sufficient information to meet various TREC and various Home Inspector Association reporting requirements and provide sufficient detail about the inspection process to help provide defensibility in a court of law. We use a version of the Report 2016 Professional home inspection software template in our everyday home inspection business, A Closer Look Inspection Service. The Report 2016 Professional templates have the same Compliance items in the Report 2016 Intermediate templates to generate a home inspection checklist, but the commentary text has the TREC scope for the inspection inserted in each item’s section in the report. This description includes what is and is not included in the inspection of that item. We have also included general disclaimers recommending further evaluation of that item in some specific sections based on our 40 years of experience as Home Inspectors. All text is easily editable by the inspector. There are multiple 2 - side by side picture frames installed through out the templates so digital pictures will be automatically sized when inserted in the report. This template package includes the 1 page short contract and billing page and our current 6 page contract and billing page that we use every day in our inspection business. The Report 2016 Professional templates come in a 20 page full version, 19 page mid and 18 page short version.

The Report 2016 Premium templates were created and tested in the Dallas / Fort Worth market to provide a higher level of consumer value. We introduced a 4 color scheme to help convey more serious Structural and Safety issues, General Deficiencies, Maintenance recommendations and Energy efficiency suggestions. The TREC REI 7- 5 inspection report becomes more that a document that is used just for the real estate transaction. It contains important information that can save money and prevent future damage to the property. The Report 2016 Premium templates are built on the Report 2016 Professional template and contain all that information as well. The Report 2016 Premium templates come is 28 page full version, 27 page mid version and 26 page short version that does not include any Optional items in the report. The Report 2016 Premium template package also includes a full version of the Report 2016 Professional, Intermediate and Basic templates and the Report 2016 New Construction templates. This package has it all for one single price.

Infrared - A Closer Look Inc.  also has developed the Report 2015 Macros as a bank of general repair and comment statements that have worked well for us over our 40 years of experience. These comments have been coded to the new TREC term “deficient”so when a short macro code is entered in the report, MS Word automatically changes that code into a predefined statement. You have unlimited capabilities creating new macrocode statements within MS Word that you can add to help make your reporting easier and quicker. The Report 2015 Macros have over 700 predefined statements that are organized in the same order as the TREC REI 7- 5 report form. You can change or add more codes as you become more educated and experience. This package also include a custom dictionary to add to MS Word that includes many construction terms that are not included in the current dictionary that you are using now. This is a great start for the inspector that has been in the business for less than a couple of years. 

We have been performing Phased New Construction Inspections on new construction houses for over 25 years. This is a specialty market for home inspectors that have the required experience, training and certifications necessary to perform inspections on houses under construction. Infrared - Closer Look Inc. developed special home inspection forms, contracts and resources to meet the needs of performing inspections for this niche market. TREC now requires special language on your report if it does not follow the TREC REI 7-5 report template. The Report 2015 New Construction home inspection report templates contain all those items. The package also includes a new home inspection contract that we use in our home inspection business when we perform new construction home inspections. The TREC REI 7- 5 form is not designed or required for performing inspections during the different phases of construction. The TREC format is widely recognized by the real estate industry, so we developed the Report 2015 New Construction home inspection templates based on the TREC format, removed the TREC specific language and then tailored one form for a foundation prepour inspections and another home inspection form for framing inspections. The package includes a New Home template for a final inspection form. The Report 2015 New Construction home inspection software templates also include special text excepts from the International Residential Code (IRC) that you can copy and paste into the report to indicate the code basis for reporting the deficiency. Contract, forms and references all in one package in the Report 2015 New Construction templates.  

Use the low cost tool developed to meet the report writing needs of over 300 active Home Inspectors in the state of Texas. You pay once for the software and never have to pay an ongoing series of fees. The templates work on any PC system Windows 98 or later. Inspectors in Texas have been using the templates for over 15 years without any problems caused by changing versions of the Operating System or MS Word. These templates will not work on Apple computers using Microsoft Word. Each template is licensed for only one office computer and one laptop computer. If you would like a CD and hard copies of all the files, there will be a $25.00 shipping charge.  Please check the CD option on the order form.

The total cost will include 8 ½ % sales tax.

Home Inspection Report software